What is a domain name?
Every computer connected to the internet is identified by a unique IP address (such as It quickly became apparent that these numbers weren't too meaningful and as the net grew in popularity it became important to have more memorable ways of identifying the servers. Hence the domain name - unique identifiers that point to specific IP addresses. However, popular words and names such as cars.com and property.com were snapped up in 1996 and now sell for thousands, sometimes millions, of pounds. Hence we have launched DOT COM UK DOT NET or .ComUK.Net

How do I register a .ComUK domain name?
First type in your required domain name in any domain search box and follow the on-screen instructions - we'll guide you through the process. We've tried to make it as simple as possible and if you have any queries why not give us a ring on +44 (0) 845 370 9618.

What domain name should I register?
When registering your domain name, go for something memorable and individual. Ideally, register your domain name in as many suffixes as possible to avoid the possibility of competitors registering variations of your name.

How much does a domain name cost ?
The cost of a name depends on which suffix you choose.. Our prices usually cover a 2 year period and include all NIC fees so there is nothing else to pay. Please use the search facility for domain pricing

How much does a domain name cost ?
The basic, one-off cost of a .ComUK.Net name depends on which name you choose. Please use the search facility for individual domain pricing.
Our prices cover initial purchase, registration and operation for a 1 year period and include all NIC fees so there is nothing else to pay. You will also need to pay a £99+VAT annual service charge to maintain the domain, on the anniversary of purchase.

What about hosting ?
We will forward your new .ComUK.Net domain to your existing website free of charge.
We can also provide website hosting for you as well, from just £99 per year.
Web hosting is generally used to publish websites on the internet. If you build a website, you need to upload it to a web hosting service, so that other people online can see it.
Our website hosting gives you space on a server connected to the internet. When you put files in this area, people can access them from the internet - so your website can be seen across the world.
We offer hosting packages which cater for all sorts of sites. Our servers are connected 24/7, and we monitor them round-the-clock, so the sites we host stay online day and night.
The cost depends on which services you require. Please click here <enquiry form> to enquire .